*This article is for v4 of NexCite.

Your site theme determines the basic look and feel of your site.

To change your theme, select Site Configuration from the menu bar on the left and then select Theme. Select the Change button on the Theme section:


After selecting the Change button, select the thumbnail of the theme you would like to use for your site and then select Save.

Available Themes

Below is a list of themes that are available, along with some additional information on them:

  Menu Location Supports 100% Row Width Supports Logo in Menu Defining features
Adventure Above Header Yes Yes  
Earth Editable Yes Yes Color bar at top of site, Color bar on top of search box
Float Above Header Yes Yes Menu scrolls with site at top
Luxury Editable Yes Yes  
Minimalist Editable No Yes Very definable page width
Vintage Under Header No No Very definable page width, built-in backgrounds, limited customization options
Water Editable Yes Yes Color bar on top of search box


Theme Preset

After selecting your theme or selecting Change from the Theme page, you'll be prompted to select a Theme Preset. Select your desired Theme Preset and then select Save.

If you'd like to make any changes to the theme preset, select the Customize button on the Theme seciton. For more information about customizing your theme preset, please see here.


Menu Style

Next, or from selecting Change from the Theme page, select your Menu Style (not available for all themes). This determines whether your menu titles will be left, center, or right-aligned. Some themes will also allow you to add a logo to your menu. For more information on adding a logo to your menu, see here. Make your Menu Style selection and select Save:


Button Style

Lastly, or selecting Change from the Theme page, you will select the button style of both the Default Buttons and Action Buttons for your site:


When selecting the style of your buttons, you'll be able to choose from a set of default styles using the Change option, or customize your button style further by using the Customize button. Select the style for your Default Buttons first, select save, and then do the same for your Action Buttons:

The default wording of the Button text on your website can be changed by going to the Button Text management area.