Model Pages

Model pages give you a template or "head start" of a page to make adding content to your site easier.

Adding a model page
Available model pages


Adding a Model Page

Select Add Item from the Site Map menu:



Select New From Model Page and then Add.




Enter a page Title (our title example is "Close to Home"):



Select the model page you'd like to add (our example is the Close to Home model page) from the model pages given, and then select Add Page:


If you need to, you can reorder your menu to adjust where your Close to Home page will appear on your menu.

Publish your changes when complete


Available Model Pages

Below are images of some of the model pages available. Click on the image to get more information and tips on editing that particular model page.

Note: Not all model pages are available for all NexCite products. For NexCite Basic customers click here for your home page options.

Home Model Pages

Home Page 4

Home Page 5

Group Model Pages

Other Model Pages